[ Collapsible deformation elements ]

High energy absorption, compact design, freedom of maintenance and nearly speed independent behaviour are the salient characteristics of the HYDROSTAT collapsible energy absorbers:

  • No preloading device required
  • No restoring mechanism required
  • The entire system is designed to convert the impact energy into deformation energy

According to the circumstances and requirements the collapsible elements can be combined with other systems (for instance with Hydrostat buffers) or operated as sole protective elements in the form of emergency safety devices.
The elements can be arranged in parallel or in series with regenerative shock absorption devices. In addition, the shape and the design of the collapsible elements can be adapted to a great extent to any specific operational requirements so that the HYDROSTAT collapsible elements can be directly integrated into existing systems. The following examples shall provide a small summary of the design varieties:

→ Collapsible tube → Collapsible cartridge → Collapsible cushion → Force/stroke characteristics

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