Hydraulic engineering – our products for maximum safety on sluices and lift gates

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Shock absorbers for impact protection bars, shock absorbers for cable brake systems and guide rollers for lift gates

With our individual sluice buffers and guide rollers for lift gates, we support our customers in hydraulic engineering.

HYDROSTAT sluice buffers are used as a safety device on floodgates. In order to minimise the risk of damage to the floodgates, safety components such as impact protection bars or cable brake systems are installed. With a 1,000-tonne ship and a collision speed of two metres per second, the kinetic energy can reach 2,000 kilojoules. This energy is safely absorbed by the HYDROSTAT buffers during deceleration.

Thanks to the regenerative design of our buffers, the shock absorbers are ready for operation again following the impact. Replacement is not necessary.

Hydraulic engineering – our products:

Sluice buffers: Versions

  • With compression or tension
  • As pressure shock absorbers
  • Available with optional bellows for protecting the sliding surface


Sluice buffers: Advantages

  • Long stroke (≥ 1,000 mm)
  • High energy absorption (≥ 1,000 kJ)
  • Defined minimum pre-tension 
  • Non-toxic filling 
  • Stainless steel pistons and bearings
  • Tested, robust design
  • Minimal maintenance required


Cushioned springs for guide rollers on lift gates

  • Defined spring pre-tension, even at low temperatures
  • Safely fitted guide rollers
  • Can also be used underwater
  • Stainless steel design
  • Available with optional bellows for protecting the sliding surface


The hydrostatic principle

HYDROSTAT shock absorbers protecting lifes and values since 1995. We offer a complete range of services – from consulting thru development till manufacturing and testing.  


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