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Versatile, compact and low maintenance

Wherever masses are in motion, it is essential that kinetic energies are controlled safely. HYDROSTAT buffers play an important role when it comes to protecting both lives and assets.

Reliable use and autonomous functionality: With their compact, self-sealing design and regenerative, low-maintenance properties, HYDROSTAT buffers impress day after day in varied applications around the world.

Our strength lies in manufacturing products that have to absorb significant energies suddenly and in tight spaces. All our hydrostatic buffer and spring systems are filled with age-resistant fluid and are ready for operation at all times, even following an impact.  

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General industries: Advantages and applications


  • Regenerative: Automatic return to starting position, no replacement following impact 
  • Pre-tensioned: High actuation force, controlled energy distribution 
  • Variable: In line with force/displacement characteristics (linear, progressive, almost horizontal or degressive)
  • Working method: With compression, with tension or with compression and tension



  • As impact protection in roller conveyors
  • As shock absorbers for gates
  • On cranes (limit stops)
  • On buffers
  • For compensation of vibrations (turbines)
  • On bridge cables



  • For compensation of tension as a result of thermal influences (hydroelectric plants)
  • On torque supports
  • On emergency stops below lifts
  • In coking plants 
  • On fall arresters (cover, hood) 
  • Bridge bearings
  • Earthquake protection


The hydrostatic principle

HYDROSTAT shock absorbers protecting lifes and values since 1995. We offer a complete range of services – from consulting thru development till manufacturing and testing.  


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