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(patented) is used for the visual inspection of operational readiness

Instead of the laborious remeasurement of the geometric situation (while installed between the carriages), the visibility of the Roter Ring – taking the measurement parameters into consideration – indicates that the shock absorber is completely extended and a minimum level of readiness is ensured.

Example as seen on a transparent guide tube: 

1. Shock absorber completely extended, ROTER RING is visible
2. Shock absorber slightly retracted, ROTER RING is covered by the guide tube and not visible

RFID chip

as additional information memory

In addition to the serial number on one side used for identification, this and other project-specific data for each shock absorber are now saved directly in the object. This makes it possible to read out and assign the data reliably, even years afterwards. 

Moreover, reading out the chip – which can also be carried out at the customer – also simplifies fleet monitoring in terms of the operating period, servicing, specific special features etc.


reinforced shock absorber body

A new series of carbon-reinforced cylinder bodies was developed due to the strict demands on our products in terms of:

  • Strength
  • Reliability
  • Dead weight etc.

This brings with it the following advantages:

  • The dead weight can be reduced significantly – by 30% and more depending on the design
  • This in turn reduces the mass in motion, which saves energy
  • Conscious material use allows for the body structure to be influenced in a targeted way

The hydrostatic principle

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