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Our strengths really come to the fore in engineering. We have delivered over 50,000 shock absorbers ready for operation and are thus fully aware of what to look out for when designing your product. Whether standard applications or an individual system, we always provide the optimal solution for your requirements.

In doing so, we offer all services for your engineering solution from a single source – from design and calculation to analysis and simulation, all the way through to tests on our own test rigs during construction.

Our services in the development phase:

Design and calculation

  • Design with Autodesk Inventor 3D 
  • Calculations using Excel, Mathematica, ANSYS for strength analyses and CFD for flow analyses 


Analyses and simulations

  • Analyses of operational strength, fatigue strength and life cycles
  • Execution and comparison of calculation methods tailored to our technology in cooperation with renowned universities
  • Simulation of energy consumption and shock absorption characteristics, both individually and as part of a multi-body system (SimulationX software)


Services during the design phase

  • Dynamic collision tests on our in-house dynamic test rig
  • Endurance tests on our in-house endurance test rig
  • In-house basic research on the flow characteristics of viscous fluids and material behaviour in crash situations


The hydrostatic principle

HYDROSTAT shock absorbers protecting lifes and values since 1995. We offer a complete range of services – from consulting thru development till manufacturing and testing.  


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We are pleased to serve you: from HYDROSTAT you can expect well-founded consulting service that is focused on you and your project.

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