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Streamlined structure – individual design

All of our systems consist of five central components:

    … the vessel,
    … the compressible fluid filling,
    … a high-pressure sealing system,
    … a piston, and
    … a guide bearing.

Thanks to their streamlined design, our HYDROSTAT buffers are both reliable and customisable. We vary the volumes, piston rod diameters, pre-tensioning and throttling in such a way that the buffers or springs optimally meet your requirements. 

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Special solutions – selected products:

Shock absorbers …


… made from special materials including carbon, stainless steel, etc.
… with piston rods – same diameter on both sides
… with piston rods – different diameters
… working with tension or compression
… with permanent status monitoring
… with graded characteristics
… with force limitation


Shock absorbers …


… with retroactively adjustable friction
… with retroactively adjustable static pre-tension
… with RFID chip 
… with ROTER RING®
… for earthquake protection
… for compensation of elongation stress due to thermal influences
… for suppression of resonance vibrations


Other shock absorbers

  • Destructive rolling-bellow shock absorbers
  • Discus shock absorbers
  • Rotation shock absorbers
  • Hose shock absorbers (C-shaped, S-shaped)


The hydrostatic principle

HYDROSTAT shock absorbers protecting lifes and values since 1995. We offer a complete range of services – from consulting thru development till manufacturing and testing.  


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